Uncle Damian in the middle of his loving nephews.  He is the best uncle ever and we had such a joyful time when he came up from Florida for a visit. 

My wonderful, handsome and loving Joseph just two months before he was tragically and brutally killed.  I can still see and feel his warm and soft heart. There will be justice, Joseph.  Mommy has vowed to be your voice and it will be heard.  You are with me always and I know you are aware of everything.  The bond of love between Mother and Child is the strongest and is everlasting.  The bond of love with our Savior is holy, sacred, above all else and unending.   He wipes every tear from our eyes.  

Joseph at age 3 shaking hands with the "real deal" cowboy at Frontier Town in Ocean City.  He was super excited and I will never forget all of the fun we all had that day riding the horses, the stagecoach and experiencing the wild, wild west. Joseph always had that gusto for life and that eagerness for fun, adventure, living life to its fullest and that loving heart.

Mom so happy as both my son's kissed my cheeks at my birthday celebration! They have always been and are my heart.

Uncle Dino holding his nephews Rob and Joseph at Christmas. My Brother would later have a son of his own, Joseph Vincent Gemma, named after our Dad. 

Joseph and Michael, his cousin, were seven years apart in age. Here they are together for Joseph's first Christmas. How precious they will always be and we know they smile down from heaven with joy and love.

Michael was also killed at the tender age of 19. He was hit by an aggressive driver and took the entire impact of the airborne driven vehicle who was speeding and crossed over the median strip landing directly into Michael's car.

They will forever be our angel boys.   

This song medley was Joseph's favorite and first on his ipod at the time of his death.  He loved "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and "What a Wonderful World".

Uncle Dino and Aunt Lisa holding Joseph after he danced the night away at a family wedding.  He always loved a party and all of his family.

My name is Adrienne Miranda and I am the author of "The Scent of My Son, In God we Trust".  My story is the true account of the brutal murder of my 19 yr. old son, Joseph.  My journey has prolonged for more than eight years now and I will keep fighting until justice for Joseph prevails. My faith is rock solid and so was Joseph's. All Glory and Honor is God's as He continually guides me in His purpose and plan.  The very least my son deserves is to have his voice heard in a court of law.  I have vowed to Joseph to be his voice and I will never give up....never!

I am in the middle of my two favorite Lisa's in the entire world.  A wonderful family time together at my sister Lisa's home in Timonium, MD. I will forever cherish their love, support, compassion and sisterhood.

An evening out with a group of wonderful friends. Joe always loved being with his friends and made lasting memories that he cherished.

Bob and the boys getting ready to go on another Ocean City adventure.

Joseph having a great time dancing with everyone at the island parties.  He loved the cruise to the tropics and he was in his place of passion with the blue waters, swimming, surfing, and gorgeous trees, flowers and smiling faces. 

Joseph was so happy at his High School Graduation!  We were overjoyed to watch him walk across the stage and receive his diploma. Yes, I was a proud Momma and could not wait to embrace my son.

Joseph's second birthday; he was so happy and could not wait for the singing, clapping and to blow out his candle. Birthday parties were always a special celebration for all of our family members and we are blessed to still share them.

Michael, David, Rob and Joe ready to go with their Mom's, my sister Lisa and I for a night out on the town including the boardwalk, rides, paintball and dinner. These days were the best of our lives.  

However, we still ask and beg the question how can this be?  Where are the investigators and criminal prosecutors who must act and hold these people accountable for their criminal behavior? All of this is beyond unacceptable regardless of their political or affluent so called "authority".  In reality it lends to even more outrage and disgust.  I now see why the Maryland State Special Prosecutor never did anything to further inquire and investigate their actions.  That is precisely what the Special Prosecutor is elected to do.  Remember, though, in order for the Special Prosecutor to investigate and/or interrogate the states attorneys there first has to be an identified "crime" that was committed.  So do you now see why the Carroll County and Baltimore County states attorneys would never call my son's homicide by assault a "crime"?  This is all detestable and unconscionable that they should get away with their wicked wrongdoing.  I hope you will stand up with me and for Joseph.

Joseph and his older brother, Rob, enjoying a fun day tubing in the bay behind our Ocean City home. 

This photograph is a cherished memory of many. Joseph beside me embraced in the love, warmth and tenderness that is that special bond shared by Mother and Son.  This is the picture I had placed in Joseph's lapel pocket close to his heart along with my love letter stained with tears to him.  He will forever be with me and our love flourishes.  

I am smiling in this picture knowing that my God has set me free. No matter how cruel and despicable the many men and women who tried to repeatedly beat me down and think they have won; they have withered and dried up. They do not come near for I am in the Light of my Lord. Jeremiah 23: 12 The wicked; Their way will be like slippery paths to them, they will be driven away into the gloom and fall down in it. For there is no authority except from God.  I am His and I want to be a good and faithful servant, In God we Trust.

Joseph and his cousin, David, playing in the sand at the Ocean City beach.  All of our boys loved the beach, swimming, building sand castles and jumping the waves. 

I am standing in front of the Baltimore County Circuit Court building in Towson, MD.  It is now almost nine years since my precious son was murdered. It is in this building that the Baltimore County States Attorney, Scott Shellenberger, dismissed my family and I from a very important meeting because I asked a Baltimore County detective why he was lying?  He, in fact, was lying and it is a known fact. This States Attorney also opposed the factual science, physics, forensics and evidence that proves Joseph death is a homicide by assault. Joseph's confirmed death certificate, homicide by assault, signed by the Medical Examiners in Maryland is filed in vital records. Mr. Shellenberger states that this does not equate to a crime and that Joseph's death is an accident.  I will continue my journey for justice for Joseph despite these wrongdoers and their blatant idiocy.

I hold Joseph's picture next to my heart and my book that exposes all of the corruption and cover up. For now, I

am told all I am able to do is "vote him/them out of office" which I do.

One day justice for my son will come to fruition.  In that day, God will expose even more and His plan and purpose will be done.  All glory and honor is His.

Rob, Joe and their cousin, Joseph Vincent, having a fun day for another birthday celebration.  There was always love in our family that still keeps us so closely bonded.  I thank God for so many blessings and bringing us strong, healthy, and wonderful sons. 

Joseph on his 14th birthday getting lots of smooches from Mom and both of his beautiful Aunt Lisa's. His best bud, Scott, was right there too.  He never missed a birthday party.  Scott, we love you so much and are so proud of the wonderful, caring, kind and compassionate young man that you are. You and Joseph will be best bro's forever.

Mom-Mom with her Grandsons savoring all of the love and affection she gave to them so freely. Joseph on her lap, Michael on the left, Rob below him and David on the right.  These are the precious moments that are marked on our hearts forever. 

On July 20th, 2006 Joseph was killed by the brutal and vicious assault of his co-worker, Paul Godwin.  Joe was just waiting his turn to use the Bobcat while drinking a soda.  Paul Godwin says he got irritated in the police criminal investigation report.  He was jealous, envious and had hate toward Joseph.  Paul Godwin threw, wacked and intentionally shoved Joseph from behind into the oncoming reversing Bobcat to his death.  Joseph was found flat on his stomach with his legs sticking out the back of the Bobcat.  The left rear wheel backed up over his face, head and neck crushing him to death.

There were only backup tread marks and Joe had no injuries below his neck.  Paul Godwin saw the opportunity and took it; he murdered Joseph.

Joseph just loved the ocean, crabbing, going to the beach and taking his friends along.  He would spend hours all day playing on the dock of the bay and picking crabs with our dear and kind neighbor, Mr. Leo.  Scott would join him and as they grew older they would love the Ocean city beach, boardwalk, Jolly Rogers, paintball, go cart speedways, water parks and all of the fun in the sun that Ocean City Maryland offers.

Adrienne Miranda

Mom could not wait either and was so excited to venture out with my precious sons knowing we would have a blast!

Getting ready to ride the waves in Cozumel.  Joe loved to check out the boards and hoped for a good surfing day at the beach. As little guys it was so easy for me when I told my son's it was time for their baths.  They could not wait to get in the tub.  They were like fish to water and always happy for bath time.  

My Joseph at age 3.  He always had that special twinkle in his eye and was oh so precious.

The Greene Turtle in Towson, MD was one of Joseph's favorite places to hang out.  He and his friends had so much fun there.  They played pool, listened to good music, ate good food, watched sport events and shared lots of stories.  Joe and Scott talked about many fun times together growing up and looked forward to all of their hopes and dreams that lie ahead. I still keep Joe's Greene Turtle mug on my kitchen counter and his Greene Turtle baseball cap and t-shirt I sometimes wear.  It brings a smile to my heart.  

Joseph giving his Mom-Mom a special hug at Christmas. How he loved her so very much and she, too, misses both her beloved grandsons every day.  My Mother is faith filled and instilled that unshakable faith in all of us. She is a very wise and incredible lady.  


Mom giving her firstborn son, Rob, a big hug and overjoyed with love and happiness for him on his 21st Birthday! I was so very proud of him on this day and knew he had grown into such a fine, handsome, bright and loving young man.  

Joseph was always smiling and had a hug for everyone he met.  He truly lit up a room when he entered and his loving heart was contagious.  I remember well, before we left our home for his High School graduation, I was tidying up in the kitchen.  I turned to see his broad and beautiful smile and I gave him a thumbs up.......saying "I am so proud of you Joseph". I snapped the picture when he was saying....."I did it Mom, I did it!"

Of course, he did.  My son was very knowledgeable in many areas and would often come up with answers in trivial pursuit that all of us would be amazed at. He also knew his scripture and his faith was unshakeable.  He didn't always like the confinement of the classroom but when he started on the wrestling team at Towson High School he wanted to be the best he could be.  During those years, he received many awards for wrestling and was also on the honor roll academically.

Joseph developed a love for nature and anything that grew at a young age.  His passion with landscaping and his knowledge of the origin of any plant, flower, tree, bush etc. was extensive.  He knew in his heart that he one day wanted to become a landscaping architect.  Thus his hard work and long hours at the landscaping company he worked for when he was tragically and brutally killed at the age of 19.

Our wonderful Mom in the middle with my sister, Lisa, me (on her left) and Damian and our Sister in law, Lisa, on the right. We were celebrating Rob's 21st birthday and wow did he have a great and memorable "rite of passage" birthday! We were all so happy for him and made sure to have a champagne toast!

​​​​​"The Scent of My Son, In God we Trust" is a vital and compelling story.  We knew from the beginning that Joseph was tragically and horrifically killed and there was much more than an industrial accident that occurred on July 20th, 2006 that took his young life.

The overwhelming obstacles and deceit that I experienced is appalling and unconscionable.  My Son's death has been confirmed a homicide by assault by the Medical Examiners in the state of Maryland. This is most definitely a crime. However, the local and state police, States Attorneys, and other officials went against the expert conclusion of the coroner's and say that Joseph's death is an accident.  Notwithstanding the science, physics, forensics, facts and evidence proving that Joseph was murdered, these wrongdoer's  remain in opposition of the Chief medical examiner and all of his twelve coroners.

You will learn that along with the agonizing pain, suffering, grief and trauma of burying your child that the police, detectives and states attorneys are  corrupt and filled with deceit and hostility against my family and I.  Why? For no reason accept our quest for truth and justice and my perseverance of never giving up.  It is utterly beyond belief all that they tried to cover up and get away with.  However, it is all exposed in my story with factual, detailed and intense clarification.  You will ask, "how could so many people get it so wrong"?......but ultimately you will realize they executed their power and "so called" immunity rather than executing their duty to seek the truth, gather it and present it in a court of law.  The injustice is so severe and unthinkable that you will cry out with me for revelation and interrogation of these wicked wrongdoer's.

Powerful and factual interview!

Paul Godwin lied repeatedly during his civil deposition and says he never pushed Joseph even though it was documented in the MDSP criminal investigation report .  Instead, Paul Godwin says he gave Joe the one-two, like that of a boxing motion. Later, our attorney asks Godwin again about the one-two and Godwin's response was well it wasn't really extreme or violent, just a little bit.  Enough to take the very life of our son.  Paul Godwin is a killer and is getting away with murder.   He believes that because of the power, political connections and hidden criminal activity of Joseph Medved, the owner of Outside Unlimited, that he is protected. Well think again, Paul Godwin, because the truth has been proven and all of the facts, physics, forensics and evidence proved that you assaulted and killed Joseph.  Joseph's death certificate is confirmed a homicide by assault.  The repeated cover up and acts of misconduct and corruption by the local and state prosecutors as well as some of the Maryland State Police, Baltimore County homicide detectives remains unconscionable.